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Our story

Belgian chocolate has always been about purity—the best cacao, the finest ingredients, the most exquisite craftsmanship. Now, after an intense R&D process, meet Gudrun’s innovative vegan line, Grand Plant Based. Adventurous & urban(e), Grand Plant Based elevates the art of eating mindfully to the level of our finest premium Belgian chocolates.

Grand Plant Based vegan assortment introduces four new delicacies: cacao dusted truffles, flaked truffles, bolitas and an assortment of five pralines with different flavours, all made from sustainably sourced, 100% pure, premium Belgian chocolate and brought to you in 100% recyclable packaging to keep it fresh. Gluten free & virtually waste free. So go ahead: indulge with a clear conscience and enjoy the ultimate luxury!

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Our products


An assortment of five vegan flavours: a delicious journey of discovery for the discerning chocolate-lover in a 100% recyclable box of twelve pralines.

Cocoa Dusted Truffles

An updated version of a familiar favourite. Soft truffle filling is dusted with a fine layer of bittersweet cocoa to ramp up the taste, now gluten free: 100% pure indulgence, 0% guilt.

Flaked Truffles

These trusted classics feature soft chocolate truffle filling rolled in freshly shaved flakes of dark chocolate for the guiltless gourmet: no gluten, no worries!


Named for the round lottery tokens of yore, these playful round chocolate shells are filled with soft truffle filling and wrapped in a double-twisted foil for freshness and flavour. You’ll be sure to pick a winner every time—gluten free.

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